Men Explode – Discussing The Future of Patriarchy

This is a subject that is very sensitive to everyone. It was never discussed publicly at all in the past; though persons knew it was going on next door or down the block. Even if one woman offered help to another, it generally went unused to the relief of the woman offering. Women were property. Children too. What went on behind closed doors was nobodies business, not even the cops. Thank goodness those days are over.

How much progress has really been made? Are the numbers in that can tell us if men are evolving from the patriarchal thinking of the past?

The attached article from Esquire 2000 starts with the statement:

This year, nearly two million men will boil over and smack her, and many of those men will be ordered to undergo treatment. The problem is, the dominant treatment model—mired in feminist orthodoxy—doesn’t work.

What about women who hit on men? Is that even considered abuse? I’d like it if you read the accompaniment and then came back and discussed it. The author; Scott Raab, went in depth and wrote an intense article that got me thinking. How do we get a turn around in this thinking?

but it will happen again
THE ACCOMPANYING WORDS: I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have made me do it. You know I love you.